1. Consent is paramount.

We want to create a space where everyone feels safe and invited to be the pervert they really are. This works best when boundaries are respected. Whatever you want to do to another person: ask before you take. A fuck, a hug, a gentle touch…

Don’t assume. Communicate your wishes – and check if everything is mutual. An enthusiastic YES is a YES. Everything else is a no.

2. Kindness & Respect.

Be kind to yourself. Keep a smile on your face. When you get overwhelmed: take is slow. Never feel obliged to participate in anything you don’t like at this moment. We love you as you are – you don’t need to prove yourself. When you don’t want to engage: a silent witness is very important also for making Shibari the dirty business it is.

Be kind and respectful to other’s. Do not make assumptions. Respect Pronouns, Gender expression, and even weird (to your taste) sexual practices.

3. Allowance / Tolerance.

It is very important for us that anyone can be as “deviant” and perverted as they want to be. We need to keep a mask on at so many places. But this is the place to taket it off. Be yourself!

To allow for this, it is needed that all others are either comfortable with what happens or have tools to process when it becomes uncomfortable.

Please allow other people to do what they do, even if it is uncomfortable for you. Take a breath – but do not censor them! Be kind to yourself. Walk away, talk with someone about what you saw. 

4. No Pedestals.

We, the organisers and presenters, are perverts like you. We don’t hold any power. Don’t put us on a pedestal. Call us out we when we misbehave, exactly the same as you would for anyone else..

5. Privacy.

Respect the privacy of the other perverts. Do not take any (zero, non, null) photographs outside the marked photospace. We will have filmed Perv-ormances where we ask your consent or place you in privacy.

COVID / Hygiene.

We all figured, the world is not anymore as it has been.

We try to make this event as safe as possible also when it comes to preventing infections.

Adapting to the local regulations we make this event accessible only for people that are recovered from Covid-19 or who are vaccinated.

Additionally we kindly ask you to get tested (Antigene or PCR) max. 24 hrs before entering the event.

Please bring your passes and test certificates to show the beautiful people at the entry.

Within the venue, there is no need to wear masks.

There is a regular air exchange. Our helpers will disinfect surfaces regularly.

And: as this is a sex-positive event: Safer Sex, Condoms, Gloves, Clean Toys, no toy swapping, … – you know your shit, do you?