Fakestival 2021 Program

The Topology of the Octopus.

by Dr. MA, Dr. Rei & Dr. Wolf

In an inflatable children pool filled with slime four real academics, naked, will discuss the metaphysical foundations of binding theory. How is our way of tying linked to string theory and will we ever find the right tension in a gote? How many ropes are needed to tie a Fibionachi Harness? And do we need to use ropes at all or is everything just constructed? 

The CNC Collective | The Turtle Experience

In this perv-ormative setting the participants will play out their weirdest sexual phantasies in a highly regulated environment. The rules are unclear – but strictly enforced. The fact that anything can trigger anyone creates an atmosphere of eternal anxiety. Still – be brave. Play. Mindfuck kicks in, when one can denounce another for no reason. The punishments for mis-behaviour are harsh. Maybe we even exclude you from the festival? Who knows. But we have our lists…

The ancient tea master’s collective | Hishis for Sex Research Group

by Zor, Margout and all the participants.

This is a collaborative workshop. Together we explore the ancient techniques to tie hishi harnesses. Often they are completely useless, so we also research other patterns you can use for bedroom bondage. Also we explore simple techniques fix your partner in interesting and aesthetic positions for rough sex.

Dirty Tie-offs

by Nawa Ronin

How did an ancient, sensual art form turn into deviant kink? How did dirtiness and dark erotisism infiltrated this sacred realm of meditatively omming in loosely wrapped ropes? In this workshop we propose it was the technique to tie-off uplines. There is no right or wrong. Only the real adepts can transcendent the laws of physics. If your soul is purified, any friction will hold the upline – or even no friction at all.

Until you reach this state – join this workshop and learn how to make your model cum on a finger snip by locking off your upline.

Pushkin, Dostojewsky and Tolstoy – The origins of Russian Soul Porn

not by Natasha NawaTaNeko

The artist will be absent. Therefore this will be a meditation in silence. When tied into a Gyaku-ebi – what or whom would you die for? Your nation? A higher cause? More followers on Instagram? Your lover? Think about it. Inhale – Exhale. Attend to your body. Your soma will have the answer. 

Porn Shooting Workshop

by Zor, Margout, Alexander Ma, Saara Rei and all the participants.

Inspired by the biggest Japanese kinbaku masters, we will show how to shoot very dirty sex in a way that turns people on (or horrifies them). We will demo the process with a real porn set and porn performers/sluts fucking hands-on. There might be even ropes involved!

Drooling competition

by Saara Rei

Lead by your reigning drooling champion of 2019, a competition where our society’s best droolers from all over the world will gather together to see who will take the title, World Drooling Champion of 2021! Competitors will be judged based on their technique, fitness, endurance, stamina, will, heart, and grace. Who will take this honoured title? Where only the strongest droolers prevail!

Asshole Inspection masterclass

by Alexander Ma

There are many assholes in the scene! Some are big, some are small. Some are wide open, some are tightly closed. Some are fucked, other’s are virgin. No matter gender, age and heritage – they all are beautiful!

This masterclass is your unique chance to learn to properly inspect another one’s asshole – or get your’s inspected.

Fluffer workshop

by Dr. Rei (PhD)

This is a mouth-on workshop; all gag reflexes are welcome. Please come to the workshop as a team of three: rigger, model, and fluffer.

The Nipple Contest

by Special Guest: Swen Nippleshart

Present your nipples to a jury of international experts and make your bet to win the chance to get them featured in the next campaign against censorship in social media. We accept nipples of all gender and size.

Saturday Night: Let’s make shibari dirty again Party